CTL-Test™ Medium is a serum-free cell culture medium being specialized for cultivation of PBMC. Our Medium is based on injection-grade water (sterile- and endotoxin-free), as well as supplemented at ideal concentrations with amino acids, vitamins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and human serum albumin (HSA) for PBMC cultivation and PBMC assays. The pH value might vary slightly depending on the conducted assay. This is indicated by a slight variation of the color but that does not harm the cells at all.

About CTL-Test™ Medium

CTL-Test™ Medium has been developed for direct ex vivo experiments of PBMC in cellular cytokine assays (ELISPOT, ELISA, CBA, CPA), providing a physiological balanced environment for PBMC, showing an equal or better performance than pre-screened, non-mitogenic serum batches. Each batch of CTL-Test™ Medium is extensively tested for high- performance guaranteeing high standardized quality assurance procedures.

Available in 100ml (Catalog #CTLT-010), and 500ml (Catalog #CTLT-005).


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