CTL-Cryo™ A and CTL-Cryo™ C are serum free solutions ideal for cryopreservation and long-term storage of human PBMC. Our Medium, based on injection-grade water (sterile- and endotoxin-free), is supplemented at ideal concentrations with amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts and human serum albumin (HSA). Additionally, our Cryo™ B vial contains high grade DSMO.

About CTL-Cryo™ ABC Media Kit

Our CTL-Cryo™ ABC Media Kit can be used for cryo long term storage of PBMC without using serum. We can ensure a viability higher than 90% of PBMC after thawing. The recovery rate of our cells is 70% - 95%.

CTL-Cryo™ ABC Media Kit has been specifically developed to ensure immune cell functions after thawing in various assays such as ELISPOT and ELISA.

CTL-Cryo™ contains insulin, transferrin and other defined proteins in a proprietary composition to provide a balanced environment in order to maximize PBMC survival.

CTL-Cryo™ requires 20% high-grade DMSO, which has to be added directly before usage and also comes separately with the Cryo™ B.

CTL-Cryo™ is available in 10ml (Catalog # CTLC-ABC) and 10-Pack CTL-Cryo™ ABC (Catalog# CTLC-ABC-10)


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