Kits include TVA Dye, Serum-free CTL-Test™ Medium, Serum-free CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x, counting reagents, culture plates, imaging plates, disposable hemocytometers, and protocols.

Available in 5 and 10 plate kits.

Catalog #NK-TVA-5, #NK-TVA-10

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Please contact us if you are interested in a donor with a defined Killing % Effector:Target Ratios.

About Human TVA™ Total Kit

CTL's non-radioactive Target cell Visualization Assay (TVA™) not only has the same sensitivity as the Chromium Release Assay (CRA), but can also measure the lysis of up to three different target cells simultaneously, and be performed in Terasaki plate format, thereby reducing the number of effector cells needed by 30-fold. The TVA Platform is based on direct, single-cell imaging, is less laborious than the CRA, and has fully-automated analysis and data reporting. Streamlined quality control and tamper-proof audit trails facilitate the work flow in laboratories that work under GLP.


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