Our T-Cell reactivity characterized ePBMC® has been characterized for peptide and protein antigen reactivity on the frequency of the different T-Cell subpopulation (TH1, TH2, and TH17) which are secreting the signature cytokines IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, and IL-17 in response to several MHC Class I- and MHC Class II-restricted antigens.

About T-Cell reactivity characterized ePBMC®

T-Cells are along with B-Cells the main component of the adaptive immune system.

T-Cells represent a heterogeneous group with different subspecies, performing various tasks. The different T-Cell subpopulations can easily be discriminated by their cytokine secretion profile and by a characteristic signature cytokine. The different cytokines determine the function of the T-Cell.

TH1-Lymphocytes are mediating the cellular immune response to an antigen. Via the signature cytokine IFN-γ - TH1-Cells enhance phagocytosis and the killing of internalized pathogens.

TH2-Lymphocytes mediating the humoral immune response to an antigen. Via the signature cytokine IL-4 -TH2-Cells induce a class-switch towards IgE class type in B-cells. In addition, the other signature cytokine IL-5 activates mature eosinophils.

TH17-Lymphocytes are similar to TH1-Lymphocytes, which are a part of the cellular immune response. The signature cytokine is IL-17 is the one which recruits neutrophils to the side of infection.

≥10 million cells per vial Cat# CTL-IP1



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