Cryopreserved Human PBMC



Uncharacterized PBMC can be reserved in large of up to 300 - 400 vials for repeated use in assay development, as reference samples. Consistent viability, recovery and functionality.

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Characterized for high- and low-resolution HLA-typing. Search our database to reserve batches of specific HLA types to match your needs.

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PBMC have been characterized for direct NK killing activity against tumor cells. Percent killing efficiency at various effector to target ratios have been determined.

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T Cell Reactivity

PBMC characterized for reactivity to a variety of CD4+ and CD8+ antigens. IFN-, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, and IL-17 recall responses have been determined for several Class I- and Class II-restricted antigens.

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ADCC Fc Receptor Polymorphism

Select cells from donors who have been characterized for polymorphisms at the FcγR3A loci. Polymorphisms in the FcγR3A gene have been shown to affect performance in ADCC PBMC can be used as assay controls or reference samples for ADCC.

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Cytokine Characterized Control Sample with Antigen

Samples are characterized for reactivity to IFN-γ, IL-2, IL-4, 1L-5, and IL-17. Control samples and antigen are provided for use as internal controls in clinical trials, or for assay development and validation.

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Individual healthy donor cells are available in batches of up to 1000 vials for any application that requires live, functional PBMC.

ELISPOT Cytokine Protein Arrays (CPA)
NK assays Cytokine mRNA Determinations (RT-PCR)
Tetramers/Pentamers ADCC
Intracytoplasmic Cytokine Staining (ICS) Transmigration Assay
Cytokine ELISA Assays Cytotoxicity Assays
Cytokine Bead Arrays (CBA) Toxicology studies


Immune characterized PBMC are available in large batches of individual cryopreserved vials with predetermined frequencies of antigen-specific IFN-g, IL-2, IL-4, IL-5, IL-17 secreting cells.

Each batch of PBMC has been tested for reactivity in ELISPOT assays for Class I-restricted antigens: 32 Class I individual CEF-peptides and 2 Class I CEF-Peptide Pools and Class II antigens: 24 Class II individual CEF peptides, 1 Class II CEF-Peptide Pool, and 6 Protein antigens (Mosquito, Dust Mite, Mumps, Candida, PPD, PHA), as well as our new CPI antigen peptide pool, which was developed as a CD4+ specific positive control.

High resolution HLA-typed for three Class I loci (A, B, C) and four Class II loci (DRB1, DQA1, DQB1, and DP)

Fully characterized donor demographics, vaccination status and antigen reactivity.

Reference samples for designing your own experiments or for screening the reactivity of uncharacterized PBMC against your specific antigen or compound of interest.


ePBMC® samples are isolated from leukocytes collected by leukapharesis and are frozen in CTL-Cryo™ ABC serum-free freezing medium.

The leukapharesis samples are collected in full compliance with HIPAA guidelines to eliminate any potential breach of privacy. They are tested for: HBsAg, HBcAb, HCV, HTLV I/II and STS by serology; as well as HIV I, HCV and WNV by NAT (nucleic acid testing).

No IRBs required – We’ve taken care of all ethical and regulatory compliance issues so that you can purchase donor samples matching your requirements with no hassle.

Instant Availability


Shipments take approximately 3 work days, with cells shipped in Nitrogen vapor at -180C.

ePBMC® are shipped in a cryopreservation container to ensure that their functionality is unaffected by the shipping, no matter where you are.