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CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x

CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x is a buffered, serum-free solution containing injection-grade water supplemented with amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, and human serum albumin in a proprietary composition to provide a balanced environment for PBMC. CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x is sold in convenient sterile 100ml units ready for dilution in 900ml sterile RPMI-1640. Slight fluctuations in pH might occur resulting in change of color – however, such changes do not affect the medium’s performance.


Specially formulated, nutrient-rich supplement for PBMC.

CTL-Wash™ supplement is a 10x serum-free formulation that should be added to RPMI-1640. CTL-Wash™ contains insulin, transferrin, and human albumin, among other defined proteins, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, and sugars in a proprietary composition to provide a balanced environment for maximizing PBMC survival.

Helps maintain full viability and functionality throughout washing of PBMC following isolation or thawing.

  • The two to three washing steps required after the Ficoll® isolation or during thawing of PBMC and the time required for their counting typically adds up to 30-40 minutes
  • During this time, the PBMC quality will deteriorate if kept in a nutritionally-deficient environment
  • If uncharacterized serum is added, mitogenic or toxic effects can affect the cells
CTL-Wash™ Supplement 10x is available in 5 pack of 100ml bottles (Catalog #CTLW-010-5).




For laboratory research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.