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CTL-Cryo™ ABC Media Kit

CTL-Cryo™ A,C are buffered solutions containing injection-grade water supplemented with amino acids, vitamins, inorganic salts, and human serum albumin in a proprietary composition. CTL Cryo™A requires the addition of 20% high grade DMSO (Cryo™ B) at the time of use, which is included separately within the kit (MSDS form provided). Slight fluctuations in pH might occur resulting in fluctuation of color – however, such changes do not affect the media’s performance. Before use, media should be stored in CO2 incubator in a tube with lose cap for 20 minutes. This allows the temperature and pH to reset.


Serum-free freezing media kit for cryopreservation of freshly-isolated PBMC.

Ensures higher then 90% viability (typically >95%) of PBMC after thawing.

Recovery rate of greater then 70% (up to 95%).

Formulated to ensure unimpaired PBMC function in T cell cytokine recall assays, such as ELISPOT, ELISA, CBA and CPA.

  • CTL-Cryo™ Medium contains insulin, transferrin, and human albumin, among other defined proteins in a proprietary composition.
  • CTL-Cryo™ requires the addition of 20% high-grade DMSO at the time of use, which is included separately with the CTL-Cryo™ ABC kit.

CTL-Cryo™ is available in 10ml (Catalog # CTLC-ABC) and 10-Pack CTL-Cryo™ ABC (Catalog# CTLC-ABC-10)




For laboratory research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.