Simplifying Research

Our mission is to simplify our customers’ daily work. As of being a distributor of “Ready-To-Use” products, serving the immune-monitoring market with PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells), Media as well as specialized readers for cytotoxicity testing, we are also capable of customizing our products according to our clients’ needs.

Human PBMC

An invaluable resource for researchers investigating immune responses in vaccine development, drug discovery, cancer treatments, and many other fields involving Immune Monitoring

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Developed specifically for low background and high signal in cellular immune assays. Outperforms the best sera in Immune Monitoring studies.

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Has the same sensitivity as CRA, measuers lysis of up to three different target cells simultaneously and be performed in Terasaki plate format.

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Designed for high throughput, 96 well based evaluation of the TVA™ assay. It comes with an optimized Software permitting....

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News and where to meet us

5th German Pharm-Tox Summit

Kicking off this years' conference season in Leipzig March 2-5.

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Thanks for stopping by at our Booth at Eurotox.

Thank you for stopping by our booth in Helsinki and discussing our PBMC product portfolio. Also a big THANK YOU to the Eurotox organisation team. It has been a great Conference.

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Terrific news from our supplier Cellular Technology Ltd.

GHP announces CTL winner of 2018 Technology Award “Best Cellular Immune Assays Manufacturing Company 2018 & Leading Provider of Elispot & FluoroSpot Assays 2018”

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